Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yet another missing link

Note: Evolution is always a sensitive issue in the US. I am clearly on the science side of things. This may be offensive, but to be honest, it's offensive that a non-scientist would dictate science to a scientist. This would be like a bunch of lawyers dictating what medical procedures should be performed... wait, strike that.

Texas, have fun with this one!

"I don't see how we can say there is no disagreement about evolution. There is disagreement," [Board member Ken Mercer] said."

Actually Ken Mercer's right. There is a disagreement between people of science and those who do not understand science. But maybe it's best to have scientists determine how to study science and not ministers, priests, etc. Notice that Stephen Hawking is not telling Pope Benedict how to teach Christ's message. The truth is that there is no disagreement over whether evolution occurred, but rather a disagreement on how evolution occurred. That is, the specific historical path. One that drives me crazy is when people will use the "evolution is just a theory" argument. This is nonsense. Everything in science is a theory. This just shows a clear misunderstanding of what it theory means in a scientific context. Creationists would have you believe that a scientific theory is the same as a hypothesis, which is not true. A hypothesis is a guess for which there is little to no experimental validation (yet). To be a scientific theory, you must have performed experiments, done analysis, verified predictions, etc.

Plus, let's be honest, this debate in Texas has nothing to do with providing children with a better, more "open" version of science. If so, where are the works debating the round-earth theory (yes, this is a theory and there exist those who dispute it). Creationists would make great lawyers because they have a way of combating logic with nonsensical crap to the point your brain wants to explode. For example, I'm often told that there is not one thing that I can do to disprove creationism and prove evolution. Well, duh. Science doesn't work that way. However, I can easily point to many observations that suggest that evolution explains the observations we've made. I can also easily point out that creationism is NOT a science. Here goes: design a test to disprove God. Can't do it? Then it's not science and does not belong in science class.

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