Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sensoji Temple

Since it was Saturday, I decided to do some sight-seeing and went to the Sensoji Temple, which is pretty close to the university. I'm not going to bore you with all the history because quite frankly, you can read a lot more about it some place else.

The gate is almost on top of the street. It's kind of amazing how close historic and cultural sites can be to modern society.

There are statues on all sides of the temple.

From the gate to the temple, the whole street is lined with various shops.

Some sell food.

I'm thinking about buying this for Jenny.

Oh, hell ya... octopus balls! I've been craving some octopus balls since I got here. Now if only I could find the crab juice stand...

The actual temple is being renovated, so I could not get any good pictures, but this was a pretty cool one.

Leading into the temples are these smoke pits. People wave the smoke over to them before the enter.

The inside of the temple was actually a little disappointing because we could only go in half of it (there was a religious service going on), but there were some pretty good painting on the ceiling. Take that Michelangelo.

Well, all in all, a good day... I'm getting hungry. Good thing my iPod is loaded because I'll bet there's a line at the octopus balls stand.

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