Friday, May 16, 2008

Sounds familiar

The Leading Question and Music Ally have teamed up to state the five ways the music industry can save its sorry a$$. Of course, this is just a repeat from what other have said (recycled isn't just left for RSS feeds). For instance:

1) Gerd Leonhard already stated the need to bundle music into other products.

3) Kurtis Jacobson already stated that freeing music will lead to increased revenues.

4) and 5) David Jennings stated in his book, that charts are vastly out-dated because they "lost their 'water cooler' effect". Also, half his book is on the need for more power to be given to Savants.

Even point 2) could be seen as a part of the solution proposed by David Weinberger. Judging from the speed that companies and the government seem to work, one wonders if its a good idea to listen to the consumer.

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