Monday, May 12, 2008

Science Fiction movies that do it right

I'm not much of a science fiction fan, but I did like that none of the five science fiction movies that get the science right mentioned neural networks. We've all heard the plot line: engineers develop a neural network, it becomes "aware," and then decides that the most logical thing to do is to go on a massive killing spree (of course!). For all of those who worry about technological advances and specifically the dangers of neural networks: there is NOTHING to worry about. This is not how they work and it is not even close. True, they are "inspired" by the early ideas of how neurons work, but of course, the 1950s science is outdated. The brain is much more complex than anything built with neural networks. Sorry, but I always have to roll my eyes whenever I watch Terminator. I now know how my parents feel when they watch ER. (Case in point, on TV, a person who needs CPR in the hospital will survive on Chicago Hope with a 64% of the time, but real-life the highest number is 40% and the long-term survival rate is no more than 30%).

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