Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ICASSP Multimedia Search and Retrieval Symposium

ICASSP is grouping all the tutorials, papers, panels, etc. on multimedia search and retrieval into a thematic symposium with a guided program flow. Included is a series of overview talks which are to "enhance cross-disciplinary interaction and broaden education by bringing together the diverse innovations and discoveries" of the field. This may sound familiar to many of the readers, since this is one of the goals of ISMIR. Some program highlights:

  • Malcolm Slaney is to give an overview talk on "Music Retrieval at the Scale of the Internet".
  • Meinard Mueller is hosting a tutorial on "Analysis and Retrieval Techniques for Music and Motion Data"
  • A panel discussion on whether media search has found its optimal platform
  • Special session on the challenges and opportunities with unlimited data for signal processing
  • A series of presentations on Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval
  • Another series of presentations on Multimedia Databases
This technical symposium should give the conference a neat side story.

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