Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Signal Processing Series!!!

I do not know if any of my former students read this blog or if there are any new students who come across this, but I found a blog on MATLAB pointers.  Currently, they are doing a series on signal processing, and even though I have only read today's post on sampling, it seems to do a pretty good job describing the sampling theorem.

This does raise up the good point of teaching in the 21st century.  I had a teacher last fall that stated in his syllabus that we were not allowed to use materials outside of class.  Why?  The point should be whether or not I retained the information in class.  Hearing him talk about the "evils" of the internet made me wonder if he was going to yell at me to get of his lawn.  Ugh, maybe I'll write a blog post on the way teaching should change while I'm at ISMIR next week.

Anyway, to my former students: follow your teachers' rules, but after the class, please go back and try to understand the material.  A grade only helps in that first job and after that, it's recommendations and professional accomplishments.  These entirely depend on your knowledge base.

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