Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MIR Group on CiteULike

I have started a group on CiteULike for music information retrieval researchers focusing on similarity and retrieval from audio. This is to allow us to see what papers others are reading on the subject. The focus is on using non-symbolic audio as the original format. For example, using MFCCs to build genre-level Gaussian mixture models is relevant. Using DTW on MIDI signals is not relevant unless the MIDI signal is a mid-level representation (ex. "Specmurt analysis"). Onset detection is not relevant; however, using onset features to classify dance music is relevant.

I greatly encourage other fields to start their own groups (I may also start more if others join). I felt restrictions on the scope of the group was important because MIR is becoming too broad of a field. I expect that many researchers may be in several groups, which is great and there may be a lot of overlap in the papers appearing in these groups. However, in our "Everything is Miscellaneous" world, this is not a bad thing.

I've restricted that new users must be approved, but this is simply to generate a list of who's who. Anyone that wants to get in will be accepted. I am also willing to free up restrictions on anyomous postings if people want, but I want to prevent abuse since this supposed to be useful and non-combative.

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