Friday, April 25, 2008

Rap may not be music

Ok, this isn't a serious post. I've often claimed that rap is not music because what determines a good rap from a bad rap is too heavily skewed to lyrics, so I identify it as a type of poetry. Rhyme and meter are way more important than harmony or melody. They still have an importance, but the importance is greatly attenuated. Basically, if that's music, then so is what William Shatner does and no one seriously thinks this counts as music.

To further my argument, here is a rap video by a couple of management majors, which is actually decent in terms of melody, harmony, and even production value. The only limiting factor is that the subject matter is a little dumb (for those who are unfamiliar with Georgia Tech lingo, the M-train refers to changing majors to management, which is considered to be the easy joke major). Bottom line, if these count as music, then everyone has issues.

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